The future of automotive consumption according to FCA and U Go by Leasys.

Who hasn’t dreamt his car doesn’t cost him anything? I mean, nothing at all. Me, I have to admit it! So Fiat Chrysler Automobile listened to our dearest wishes and has just launched a new community platform: U Go by Leasys, at Museo Storico Alfa Romeo press conference. You probably wonder what’s the link between a social network and your leasing. That’s a good question.

I guess you already know that we are great fans of Alfa Romeo. That’s why we went to Arese in order to learn a little more about the new car consumption habits that FCA group is planning (and it was a good opportunity to visit again one of the most beautiful car museums in the world).

Alfa Romeo Giulietta: an Italian symbol

Everyone knows the Giulietta, this small family and popular Italian car born in the 1950s and which was reborn in 2010. It’s part of Italian culture.

Like many, you probably thought that the modern Giulietta was just a vague interpretation of Alfa Romeo’s century-old DNA. Well, fool yourself, it’s clearly a hatchback version of the original Alfa Romeo Giulietta Berlina. Side by side, they really have a family resemblance. The problem is that the Berlina didn’t really impress us. Indeed, it’s the Sprint and Spider models that we remember (and how to blame them, they are so cute and so cool).

In the 1950s as for today, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta is still a modern and functional car. It responds to the concerns of its time and that’s probably why it was chosen as an ambassador for U Go by Leasys (even if it’s not the best way to be remembered in the future).

How does U Go by Leasys work?

First, you buy a splendid car from the FCA group like an Alfa Romeo Giulietta, a Fiat 124 Spider or a Lancia Ypsilon (Yes, it’s still sold in Italy) via Be-Free by Leasys leasing offer. This is a three-year long-term renting offer with the possibility of breaking the contract without penalty after 24 months. FCA Bank will then offer to rent your brand new Alfa Romeo Stelvio or Fiat Panda to other clients on the U Go platform. Unlike many services, FCA Bank doesn’t charge any commission and the rental rate is free for the owner, which gives you a great flexibility. Smart moove FCA!

You probably think “jackpot” but I have to calm your enthusiasm. Indeed, the income generated by the rental of your car will not exceed the amount of the rent to be reimbursed. You’re disappointed? FCA Bank doesn’t take a commission, it seems logical that you can’t make a real business with your car. Fair’s fair.

In an automotive market which reinvents itself, U Go is seeking to highlight the economic advantages of its Be-Free by Leasys offer in order to promote the vehicles of the group’s brands. 15,000 customers have already adopted this LLR offer in Italy since 2016, 25,000 in Europe. The objective is to reach 100,000 customers in Europe by 2021. For U Go by Leasys, the targets are 10,000 owners and 50,000 renters by 2021.

Launched in Italy in 2019, the web service is already used by 1000 owners in major cities in northern Italy.

U-Go by Leasys: and amazing cars in all of this story?

When I hear about leasing and rental between owners and individuals, I immediately think of all the sports and luxury cars. They’re bought, driven little and could benefit customers who need them. We talked about the regular range of Alfa Romeo and Fiat, which will be the first to join the U Go by Leasys offer, but Giacomo Carelli, Managing Director of FCA Bank, assures us all the group’s cars may eventually be rented on the platform. Even an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio? Yes, yes, yes.

But what about cars that will no longer be in the Alfa Romeo catalogue, such as 8C and 4C (in a few months)? What about those that have become classic cars like the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce and Alfetta GTV6? For the moment not much, because you have to subscribe to a long-term renting to be able to rent your car on U Go by Leasys. The service doesn’t offer (to our knowledge) financing for used or vintage cars.

Too bad, as we walked down the aisles of the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo we could already have imagined us driving an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale, a Montreal or an Alfa Sud for a few days.

I can’t resist venturing to the bottom of the museum to pray 33 Stradale God and meditate in face of the glorious 1900 C52 “Disco Volante”.

When you are immersed in the rich history of Alfa Romeo, you immediately think that the group has everything to gain by promoting the models that have made the brand’s international reputation. Whether it’s by bringing its museum to life, by getting involved in motor sport or by getting ahead of its competitors in the collection market.

After these minutes of misguidedness, it was time to return to Paris. Before taking the plane, Alfa Romeo had a surprise for me. After dreaming of climbing into each of the models on display in the museum’s rooms, I had the chance to take a ride… in a mythical Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Le Mans!


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Yes, it’s one of the nine cars ever produced, and the real car that won the endurance race in 1931 with Lord Howe and Sir Henry Birkin on board.

Birkin will die after an infection caused by a burn to the arm due to the exhaust of his car in 1933, but this is another story. Enjoy it as much as we did.


U Go by Leasys: when your new Alfa Romeo pays for itself!

  1. Disco Volante 😮
    Quelle voiture, si belle, si élégante, si raffinée ! On veut plus de voitures comme ça (surtout si on peut les financer :))

  2. Only one number 33.
    Modern Alfa Romeo are less and less cool.

    However this renting service could be a great idea. We’ll see

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