5 legendary classic cars I hated at Retromobile 2019.

We all have cars we secretly like, and we can’t explain it (for me it’s the Renault Tweezy, please just don’t ask). Well, this top 5 is quite the opposite: it is around the cars I should have affection for (as everybody does) but I don’t. So there is the top 5 cars I hated at Retromobile 2019. Ok, it’s clearly not the worst cars but they are for sure overrated.

1. Porsche 911

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, the 911 is the best sports car ever made bla bla bla… Well, let me tell you what I think: I think people say that, but most of them, if they were offered a ride in any 911 or any Ferrari, they would take the Ferrari. It’s simple, the 911 does not feel special. It is indeed your dentist’s car (if it actually is, let us know).

The 911 is so common: I was at Retromobile and went past a 1967 911R (the holly Graal of the 911s) everyday for 5 days without noticing it until the last day. Even the most special one, if you don’t look carefully, just looks like a 911. So, I hate the 911.

2. Jaguar E-type

Let’s get the usual arguments out of the way, its design is staggering, Enzo Ferrari said it was “the most beautiful car ever made”, and it’s fast for its era, BUT (and this is a big but, Kim K kind of but), this car was produced in 72,500 examples. This is a big problem.

Objectively, if you showed it to a guy that has never seen any classic car in his life, he would probably say the Jag looks better than a GTO. And, I am sure the first time I saw one I was amazed too. But I feel like I have seen 150,000 of those Jags already, and it almost feels as a … a Clio lll, yes as a Clio for me now.

The other reason I dislike the E, is because it’s the novice collector’s car a choice. The guy doesn’t know much about classic cars, even though he says he does. When you ask him why he bought an E-type, he anwsers “This is a childhood dream, my neigbor had one when I was six, and I remember on Sundays I heard him go…” and there is 30 minutes of your life lost that you are never getting back. Plus he bought a V12, so who really cares about his story?

Bonus fact: I almost bought two E-type projects a few months ago, so maybe deep down I like those, but I like telling myself it was the price I liked.

3. Mecedes-Benz 300SL

Now I hope you see a patern. This car has all the qualities the E-type does, it’s gorgeous, fast, plus, it probably never breaks down cause it’s a Merc. BUT, this year alone, I counted at least 15 of those at Retromobile, and about the same amount last year, if not more. There is no classic car show or event in the world, without a Gullwing showing up.

I never understand the guy that pays 1M€ for a 300SL. Simple maths: one 300SL is worth 1M€, there are 3200 examples, so if you get Bill Gates rich and you like the SL, it would take 3.2 Billion € to buy the full production. If you want to have an idea of what this represents, if you had to buy every 206 GT Dinos in the world, it would only take around 90M€. I know those maths are ridiculous, but that’s just telling you how over-valued a 300SL can be.

4. Aston Martin DB4 Race prepared

This one is an exception in the top. If you read our Top 5 best cars of Retromobile 2019, you already know that I am a big fan of the DB4. So I will not let that one pass.

Why the hell would anyone do that to a DB4? Why? Just do it to an E-type!
Have you seen Tokyo Drift? This is worse, it is like taking the Joconde for a race prep and ending up making it look like Pamela Anderson (from 2019). NO.

5. Ferrari F40

Okay, this one I know I am going to get yelled at by pretty much everybody. But, I love the F40, I really do, but not as much as the others do. It’s a “je t’aime, moi non-plus” kind of love.

Let’s start by saying there are 1,300 examples.
Next, Twin-Turbo V8. And it is almost undriveable.
So those are already good arguments in my opinion, but it’s not over.

Let’s compare it to the F50. It is a common thing I see people do, and curiously the F40 always wins this fight. Well, I am sorry to disagree.

The F50 is a V12 (and a great one).
Its engine and gearbox are working as chassis parts.
It’s got pushrod suspension (who doesn’t love those, even though no one can tell what they are better at?)
It’s driveable.
Beautiful, and it’s less than two times the price of a F40 for a quarter of the production number.

And if you disagree with me, just watch the market skyrocket, I have seen some US spec F50s sell for more than 4M$. So yes, the F40 is probably a great classic, but I really do think the F50 doesn’t get the love it deserves, even if it’s a better car.

Bonus fact:

If anyone has good arguments against what I said, post a comment. If you make me reconsider my position, I will allow you to post the story of your choice on the RRC insta page (under certain conditions: NO MULTIPLA).


Top 5 worst cars at Retromobile 2019 (if you've missed this amazing edition)

  1. La type-E est effectivement une voiture beaucoup produite mais elle est basée sur la Type D, une super voiture de course ! En plus de ça son histoire est très cool, elle a été acheminée par la route au salon de Genève pour sa présentation avec une moyenne de 110 km/h sur plus de 1000 km/h, ce qui montre sa fiabilité et son tempérament sportif. Par contre, je te l’accorde, la boîte Moss d’origine est à chier.

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