5 legendary classic cars I loved at Retromobile 2019.

Retromobile 2019 is over and you weren’t able to visit the show? Too bad, it was fantastic…
Now, you’ll probably curl up in a tight ball like a cabbage, close your eyes and cry waiting for the next edition. However, I decided to make your life easier and happier, because I made a Top 5 list of the smashing car you missed.

1. Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

Everybody knows what a 250 GTO is here?
Well, Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato is Aston Martin’s GTO: the best British racer ever made. But wait, that’s not all. This particular example is a very special one, even more special than “2VEV” model (recently sold for 10.1 M£) in my opinion. This car, chassis 0181/L, was owned by Dr. Zagato himself!!

And he intended to make it a road car, which explains the unique spec of 0181/L. It has got front and rear tubular bumper Fiat Nuova 500 L style, bonnet intake vent, glovebox delete which is replaced by a gorgeous Aston Martin badge and an ashtray just for good Italian measure.

This car was also used as model for the Sanction ll and Sanction lll in the early 90s. For those of you wondering what are Sanction ll and Sanction lll, maybe action film tittles you need to watch? Sanction II are in fact additional four DB4GTZs created and updated to celebrate DB4 GT Zagato 30th anniversary. And Sanction III are two more cars from extra parts left over from the Sanction II project and produced by RS Williams, Aston Martin Classic Specialist, with Aston Martin’s approval.

That car feels even more special to me, because I have been best friends with a DB4 for close to 20 years, and I was lucky enough to spend my childhood in it. Now, did I make it special enough that you adore it?

2. Alfa Romeo 750 competizione

This small Alfa Romeo barchetta is just gorgeous to look at, but of course, there is a special story.

Back in the 50s, Alfa Romeo had stopped racing, but the (beauty) call was too strong. Classic Italian. They decided to make a 1,500cc category racer based on the 750 series Giulietta, with a chassis built by Abarth and a bodywork built by Boano. The engine was although made by Alfa Romeo, of course, that re-bored and re-stroked the 1,300 Giulietta block up to 1,488cc.

As a result, it produced 145cv at 8,000 rpm, which translates to a specific output very close to 100cv/liter, impressive for the era, right?

Well, only two examples were made, and never raced. Buy one if you can. End of story. 

3. BMW 507 Roadster

Let’s make it short: it’s the car that deserves the attention and reputation the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL gets, it’s gorgeously elegant, and Elvis owned one.

It is a BMW though, so that is all I have to say.

4. Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato

If an elegancy magic potion was made, the consumers would fight to get one.

Trust me when I say, no picture (even from the best Insta photographers) will do it justice. This little Italian coupe has a double bump on the roof, which is the equivalent of Dr. Zagato saying “I made this car good.”, the 2.5 V6 Lancia engine, a transaxle gearbox (yes, you hear it right), and wheels.

What more would you want? Ah power? Well buy a Mustang.

5. Panhard X86 Dolomites by Pichon Parat

Just look at this thing! We’ve found it at Retromobile – Artcurial auction sale.
What a lovely racer, right? Well let’s hear more about it.

This is from the days when french guys didn’t pretend to make a great car but did it for real. Engaged in the 1954 Tour de France Automobile, this is definitely a bargain for a person that intends to enter the modern Tour auto for less than 150K€.

Absolutely buy one if you can, you will be the fanciest gentleman driver for the price of a disgusting E-type.

Bonus facts Retromobile: 

If you have to choose between Mondial de l’Auto and Retromobile, don’t hesitate. Where could you approach an authentic Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato? Voilà.


Top 5 best cars at Retromobile 2019 (if you've missed this amazing edition)

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