Auto-Moto Classic show…  (as far as I know it).

I’ve written in a previous article that I planned to do more classic car show such as Reims this year. I knew it was a mistake, because of course Nicolas noticed it. Nico is that kind of guy who is always doing articles in sexy countries such as Spain or Sweden. When I told him that I would love to travel like him in exotic places, he answered me: “I’ve got the perfect mission for you : u’r going to visit the Auto-Moto Classic Strasbourg”.

Auto-Moto Classic show

This is how I found myself in a train going to the East of France. As I’m a serious guy, I took a look to the press kit during my trip. 21.000 visitors last year, 500 cars dispatched over 25.000 square meters. Waaah.. that was really good for a first edition! But I’m joking : I discovered the press kit while I was writing this article (as a real good journalist, I guess).

I thought my main challenge would be to speak about another car show and being innovative. But it was not. When I arrived with the other journalists on the main building, I realised that the article would not talk about the event in itself, but about its installation, as nothing was ready. They intented to show us the backstage of the event. Why not ?

Auto-Moto Classic show

That was not a matter for me. To be honest it was a good opportunity to see some amazing cars in action. But that’s gonna be a trouble for you, because at the end of your reading, you will not know what this show really looks like. A serious journalist would have preferred to wait for the public opening or a nice e-mail from the organisation with ready-to-post pictures. I am not a journalist. Neither a photograph, you will appreciate my low quality pictures.

St Thomas “I only believe what I see (at Auto-Moto Classic show)”

So, let’s talk about what I’ve seen. Some fabulous cars were already present during our visit. The location of the show does help. Indeed, Molsheim (Bugatti’s factory) is only 25 km from there. That is to say arround 22 minutes if you’re coming with a Type 35.

Talking about 35s, there were already few of them parked in the main hall. But it will probably not be the principal attraction of the Auto-Moto Classic Show. If I was honest, I would say that the Chiron, Divo and Veyron 16.4 have few chances to hypnotize most people. As it was the case during the press preview.

Auto-Moto Classic show

However, I hope that visitors will be interested in this T27 Brescia. Or the black Atlantic parked besides a prototype of the Bugatti 57 roadster designed by Jean Bugatti. It’s a pity that both are recreations, but they are based on original chassis.

I know that you’re gonna say : “who cares?”. Me, on the paper, because I’m an extremist. But to be honest, except if you know where the three authentic models are, you wouldn’t be able to say whether or not this Atlantic is a replica.

Auto-Moto Classic show

Bugatti 57 Roadster Prototype

Same thing concerning the 57 which, I believe, is a recreation based on number 57555 rebodied in 1971, so this a real Bugatti. This car is very interesting as it looks like the original roadster prototype which has been originally designed by Jean Bugatti, the son of Ettore, in order to be displayed at the Paris Car Show 1936. It was chassis 57285, which had the same color.

Right after the show, the car lost its wings when it has been sold to the painter André Derain. In fact there were generating vertical aerodynamic load, like an aircraft wing, making the car difficult to turn at high speed, and dangerous once the wheels turned because it was difficult to remain on the road … That’s a serious problem, at least enough to decide to disassemble those wonderful parts of bodywork!

In total, there will be more than 30 models exposed. Wanna have more information ? Have a chat with the guys from the Bugatti club. They will be pleased to furnish plenty of details.

Bugatti vs Sebastien Loeb Racing

Who said that Bugatti was the only interesting product from Alsace (except wine and Kouglof?). If you believe so, you probably forgot that our national rally champion Sebastien Loeb was born in the region of Strasbourg as well, in Haguenau to be precise (35 km from the salon, you can organize a pilgrimage right after having visited the show).

Auto-Moto Classic show

And there is no doubt that he will be one of the stars of the Auto-Moto Classic show, as he is coming with 3 iconic cars. The first one is his Xsara with which he became 3 times world champion. With the second one, the 208 T16 Pikes Peak (the real one, not a study model), he broke and hold the record of the eponym hillclimb during 5 years. And finally, there is this 306 maxi, one of its last project with the Sebastien Loeb Racing, as he engages the latter in historic competitions.

Is the Auto-Moto Classic show different from the other?

Asking to the organizers what makes Strasbourg particular, the answer is “well, we try to follow participants and exponents advices and we don’t follow any pre-fixed line. For example we only have an auction if it’s really worth it. This year this wasn’t the case compared to last edition”. What a funny answer, but the idea is they don’t obligate themselves to particular standards, and we love it!

Auto-Moto Classic show

Another example : this year they invited spare parts sellers, as it was a request from the public. The diversity of cars presented is also a strong force of the event : military vehicles will rub motorcycles and youngtimers. The goal is to speak to everyone, especially to young owners. And in this perspective Citroen club will be a major actor, celebrating in the same time the 110th anniversary of the brand. They are displaying a crazy amount of cars, ranked by years.

You will love to see this immaculate DS which looks like (and smells) brand new despite it has never been restored. You will also learn that some people are collecting Berlingo and C6… why not? In few years we will say that they were forerunners.

Outside, a parking is here to welcome the visitors coming with their classic. Inside, major car dealers and garages will share the place with club, offering an interesting mix. From what I can imagine, as I haven’t seen the final version which takes place 26-28th April 2019.


Why should you go to Strasbourg classic car show this week-end?

  1. hahahahaha la R5 est dingue comme ça.
    enfin je voulais dire dingue, je voulais dire vilaine haha

  2. Sebastien Loeb, cette légende vivante !! dégouté de pas avoir pu visitéé ce salon :'(

  3. Nope, as said in the article some were recreations 😉

  4. Et ses voitures, notamment la Pikes Peak, étaient réelles. Bel effort, car parfois de tels engins sont remplacés par des maquettes !

  5. Yes, considering it was only the 2nd edition, in Strasbourg (approx 250k habitants), this is impressive !

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