Road Rug Game, the confined Petrolheads Quiz Episode 3

Our Champion Félix discovers that not all diesels are agricultural machines, Erwan TGD from The Gloved Driver tells us about his passion for leather (and BMW Z3M Coupé ), Valentin bought a Porsche 911 T 2.2L for €17,000, Jalil drives a Mercedes G-Class 63 AMG on two wheels, Laurent tells us his love story for the Opel Kadett, and Louis is the happy owner (and probably the only owner) of a Mercedes-Benz pickup.

Bagnolards, pilotes, journalistes, blogueurs… se défient lors de 3 manches complètement malades et tentent de devenir le nouveau Champion du Road Rug Game, le Quiz des Petrolheads en confinement ! Ici rien à gagner, sauf du fun et le droit de revenir la prochaine fois. Enfin, si l’un d’entre eux arrive à battre notre champion…

Le Quiz des Petrolheads

The Road Rug Game is the weekly game for car enthusiasts, car freaks and speed freaks. Imagined while our cars were gathering dust (confined to their own homes), it’s the 1st Petrolheads Quiz that everyone can take part in! Every week, 5 candidates compete from the 4 corners of the world (ok from France) to test their knowledge, compare their car culture and share their love of mechanics.

Guest stars : GMK alias Georges Maroun Kikano, Michou and Ari Vatanen

You want to be Road Rug Game champion?

You too, come and challenge the Road Rug Game Champion by signing up here.


Road Rug Game #3, the confined Petrolheads Quiz with Erwan The Gloved Driver who hesitates: his Z3M for a Bluesummer?

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