Road Rug Game, the confined Petrolheads Quiz Episode 1

Jean-Baptiste Dessort from Le Billet Auto LBA TV tells us about his sausage, Guilhem tells us about the racing suit storage of his Renault Clio Williams, Augustin is confined inside a tractor, Baptiste reveals all our filming secrets, and Hugo is hated by his neighbours because of an AC Cobra.

Petrolheads, drivers, journalists, bloggers… challenge each other during 3 completely sick rounds and try to become the new Champion of the Road Rug Game, the lockdowned Petrolheads Quiz! Here nothing to win, except fun and the right to come back next time. Finally, if one of them manages to beat our champion…

Le Petrolheads Quiz

The Road Rug Game is the weekly game for car enthusiasts, car freaks and speed freaks. Imagined while our cars were gathering dust (confined to their own homes), it’s the 1st Petrolheads Quiz that everyone can take part in! Every week, 5 candidates compete from the 4 corners of the world (ok from France) to test their knowledge, compare their car culture and share their love of mechanics.

Guest stars : Doug DeMuro and Anne Hidalgo

You want to be Road Rug Game champion?

You too, come and challenge the Road Rug Game Champion by signing up here.


Road Rug Game #1, the confined Petrolheads Quiz with JB Dessort (Le Billet Auto LBA TV) who breaks his teeth on a sausage ...

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