If you were looking for the word “elegance” in the dictionary you will find the following definition: “quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner”. It’s because elegance is an abstract notion, unique to everyone, that Motors and Soul decided to dust off car meetings. 

The event takes place at Neuville’s castle, getting there is special, we have to gently go down a wooden path that leads us to the festivities. In the background, we can see the park of the castle coming alive. Dozens and soon hundreds of cars lining up on the roadside. From the most common to the rarest, the more we drive into the park the more this event looks spectacular.

Motors and soul up to the car parking

Time to find a parking spot and soon, music starts! The heavy guitars, drums and exhaust set the tone for a rock’n’oil weekend. Rock is freedom ! The freedom to be, to love and to drive.

Around us, hundreds of cars, youngtimers, popular classics or supercars have come to celebrate their own free way of life. That’s why Motors and Soul is a cool event, everyone (even motorcycles) is welcome!

Next to me an Alpine A110, a Jaguar XK and a modern Mustang. The new Alpine A110 catches all the attention, in front of me a Mazda MX5 NA is looking at me (with retractable headlights), a little further it is a Ferrari 355 GTB that stands out. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! A dull roar breaks my dream, it’s a colossal Hummer H2 that lands. What a special car! We thought that his species was extinct.

Share, lunch and drive

Near the castle, we meet a motorcade of motorcycles. Sorry I do not have the skills to list all the beauties that I saw this day. But it’s ride time! Let’s play on the winding roads of the Vallée de Chevreuse! Motorcycles with motorcycles and cars with cars. Safety first.

Throughout the day, between a fat burger, a cool haircut, a new leather jacket and a lively discussion around the bumpers of a Ferrari F430 Spider, everybody is chilling and sharing stories.

In the back, the car clubs that storm the castle. The Lotus one came in force. Nearly thirty small and light cars are gathered on the grass! Lotus Seven, Lotus Elise, Lotus Evora here there are 60 years of fun to drive production. Just amazing! Next step: find the keys.

For your eyes only

On the side of the castle, everyone is pressing. The style contest begins.

Throughout the day, all visitors were able to vote for the car and the most stylish crew. Now, it’s parade time. A convertible C3 Corvette moves forward, its owners look like villains from 80’s American sitcoms. We expected no less. 

A splendid Jaguar E-Type starts its in-line six. Aboard an elegant gentleman who looks like a Sunday Sean Connery. However, our heart were stollen by the stunning Aston Martin DB Mark 3.

It’s so beautiful that we barely noticed its owner. Elegance, refinement and automotive pleasure. Three concepts that make sense when you see this car of 1958. These English shapes with Italian roots give to this ride even more charm. Ian Fleming, James Bond’s father, was also a Mark 3 lover. More than fifty year ago, he was offering Agent 007 his first Aston Martin to the British spy. Obviously it was a DB Mark 3 (in the original edition of the Goldfinger novel). Only 551 cars has been produced (in the shadow of the DB5 launched in 1963 and chosen for 1964 Goldfinger movie).

Come as you are

More than a show of elegance as we all know them, Virage 8 launched in 2013 a real petrolhead festival. A unique weekend where Auto, motorcycle, music and mechanical lifestyle are celebrated in the park of Castle Neuville in Gambais (78).

With an event which highlights exchanges and conviviality, Virage 8 fulfill a need of the new generations. More authenticity and less headache.

The dress codes have changed, denim shirt and Stan Smith have replaced blazer and derbies. While Concours d’élégance public changes from day to day, these events seems to be frozen in time. Except Motors and Soul.

More, it federates two worlds that coexist but do not intersect: the galaxy of motorcyclists and gentlemen drivers. It’s a good opportunity for us to admire beautiful motorcycles, to learn more about machines and to meet passionates who also live to the rhythm of fun to drive. 

The motto of Motors and Soul could be: come as you are. It seems like a millennials paradise, you just have to swap your tweed blazer against a perfecto jacket ! It’s fantastic at a time where everything is standardized and framed.

The rendez-vous is set for next year. And maybe this time we will be tattooed #FuntoDrive on the arm like real bikers.

Ps: Aston Martin DB Mark 3 won the concours of style!!

It’s now time for you to discover our “Motors and Soul” story at the top of our Instagram profile.

Keep it #FunToDrive.


Why Motors and Soul is the future of concours d'elegance 

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