When we go to the Mondial de l’Auto we always expect something exceptional, booths full of innovation, amazing displays, enthusiastic teams and at least 8 hours to visit the whole show.

This year, as soon as we enter the Paris Motor Show, we understand in a few minutes this event has lost its leading position in the big game of car shows. It’s a kind of warm-up before March, a risky repositioning for a boat taking in water on every side.

All the booths look a similar to those of Geneva (but not so good).

Is it le Mondial de l’Auto or Retromobile?

Two facts are essential: le Mondial no longer attracts the manufactures and organizers of the show are turned to the past… As confirmed by the Parades 120 years (probably the best moment of the car show).

Strong sign of this decline, an entire hall is devoted to an exhibition about amazing roads through the last 100 years of automobiles. Which is pretty cool but who really cares in a motor show? You know our passion for vintage cars, but we want new cars whena Motor Show. 

As the name implies, le Mondial must be at the forefront of international automotive innovation. Full of new cars, concept cars and cars from the future!

Is it le Mondial de l’Auto or le Mondial de la Trottinette?

Let’s talk about the halls dedicated to the Mondial de la Moto, Tech and Mobility … Even if we have nothing against motorcycles and driving computers, on the contrary, we came to see cars. In contrast, we have a lot against scooters and other electric unicycles grrrrrrr. They think that these electric devices, which make anyone look like a delayed teenager, will attract the crowds to the show! Sorry.

As children of the twentieth century, we know that car shows exist for one reason: to make us dream. Indeed, they are the only chance to approach cars that are in posters on our bedroom walls (or in favorite on Instagram). Will one day James Bond drives an electric unicycle during a furious chase at 30 km / h against the infamous accountants at the foot of La Defense towers (if you don’t know this place is terrible)? For sure not.

However, to admire the latest Aston Martin, no one says no! Unfortunately Aston Martin is not present at the show, so the Parisian dealer has installed one or two cars on the VIP shared booth: Mondial Limited. Black car on black carpet, a dozen brands on the same space: it looked more like a parking lot than a fair booth. So we can discover the new DBS Superleggera, but it was not sure at all.

Whatever, all of this has two advantages, the show is on a human scale and it is the rare opportunity to approach very close some cars that we could see from very far ahead.

If you must visit it, you’re warned.

To be honest there is some concept cars and new cars but there are few cool ones to die for! That’s why manufacturers bring old school cool cars on their booth… Let us hope that the future will be more fun that this motor show.

We are not dreaming of a past time, we are dreaming of cars maybe we’ll never be able to buy and of regular ones which seems much cooler than they actually are. But it’s ok, we just want to have fun.

What we really want? More amazing new cars! Be closer to the cars! And participatory experiences!
If you wonder what would like to find millennials the answer is very simple: experiences!

So if we were to give you one advice skip the scooters and go find these cars that really made us dream at the Mondial de l’Auto 2018 (obviously there are some old ones):


Porsche 356 Speedster

Maserati Ghibli

Bugatti Divo

Audi PB18

Peugeot E-Legend

Ferrari Monza SP1 (and not SP2)

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow

Renault 40cv Type JV Torpedo

Renault l’Étoile Filante


It’s now time for you to discover our “Mondial Auto” story at the top of our Instagram profile.

Keep it #FunToDrive.


Mondial de l’Auto soul? Please where are you?

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