Mondial de l’Auto: in the French’s heart

Le Mondial de l’Auto de Paris, Paris Motor Show, was once the rendez-vous of new cars, innovations and passion for the European automobile industry. We don’t know how you perceive this show if you are not French. Here it’s considered in France as the only automobile show. French pride. As if no other car show had ever existed… until the 2000s and internet.

Indeed, who still wants to crawl in front of a barrier to see, through 50 people raised arms, 3 centimeters of bodywork from the new Citroën concept car that will (obviously) never be produced… While now outdoor car events are multiplying and brands are presenting their novelties all year long.

Today shunned by more and more brands, it must be admitted the hall format is so old school and does not really make any more recipe. Only the most attractive survive at the expense of historical events like Paris one.

Grannies, puppies and vintage cars

Anyway, Le Mondial celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, an opportunity to pay homage to the coolest cars that have been presented, admired and ordered under the Grand Palais or between the walls of la Porte de Versailles.

That’s why 220 cars were presented to the public on the mythical Place de la Concorde. However they aren’t the cars displayed for the show, those are vintage once and everybody was invited. A giant parade was then organized to pay tribute to the glorious past of the automobile in France. No offense to Madame Hidalgo, mayor of Paris who takes more and more motorphobia measure (if you don’t follow the French news).

For you who may haven’t been able to come and for the Mayor who missed an important cultural event, we selected the cars that should not be missed.

Top 10 of La Parade des 120 ans du Mondial de l’Auto de Paris:

We selected the most beautiful and #FuntoDrive cars we admired at the Parade.
This selection is totally subjective.

10 – The angry Lamborghini Miura

9 – The Delahaye Super 135M Convertible

8 – The very elegant Facel-Vega HK 500

7 – The Ferrari 250 Gt Coupé, the coolest family car

6 – The very phlegmatic Aston Martin DB 4

5 – The splendid Bugatti Type 57 Coach Ventoux

4 – The Bristol 404, a true masterpiece

3 – The smashing Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS

2 – The legendary Ferrari 250 LM

1 – The mythical Renault l’Étoile filante

Cars weren’t enclosed and came to meet their public for once. What a pleasure to see tourists, family and friends around beautiful and well done cars. What a joy to admire these cars under a beautiful autumn sun, on a majestic Parisian square. That is an heritage of our industrial past and family memory that really matter.

Long live Parisian cars!

Ps: the show goes on with modern cars starting the 10/04/18 at la Porte de Versailles


It’s now time for you to discover our “120th Mondial” story at the top of our Instagram profile.

Keep it #FunToDrive.


120th Mondial de l'Auto: classic cars strike back!

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