Volvo sedan or shooting break: time changes!

Let’s bring back the eighties and nineties when it was fancy to drive around in a break or a sedan. We won’t lie, back in these days Volvo weren’t an “attractive” brand. It was a reasonable choice, I mean a elementary school teacher’s choice. But time changes. Lot of my friends now see Volvo as an actual option when considering buying a new car. Even worse one of my friend is SELLING Volvos for a living (true story)!

However, almost all of the people I talk to mainly consider buying an SUV…

OH NO the pandemic is real… SUVs SUVs everybody wants one. It doesn’t matter where you live or how old you are this is a global trend. Car makers are selling always more SUVs… From our point of view the rise of SUVs (almost) means the death of driving pleasure. Too heavy, a center of gravity way too high and suspensions way too soft. PS : note that we do like a couple of SUVs but they can be count on 1 hand (here’s our article about one we loved).

Volvo S60: an ode to sedan/coupe

That’s why we decided to prove everybody wrong by driving and testing the Volvo S60 R-Design for a week. Yes, SUVs are practical but do we really need that much practicality? The answer is definitely no. Actually, you don’t even need 5 doors. 3 doors cars are way more beautiful and it keeps you in shape if you have to get to the back seat or fasten you beloved kids. Unfortunately, at the moment, Volvo doesn’t produce coupe, but we strongly hope they will produce one…

To forget the S60 is a full size 5 doors sedan we gently decided to not use the back seats. If you’re less radical than use please note that this sedan offers plenty of space (even at the back).

First impression is good, the red color is stunning and the R-Design trim is the sportiest. Black accent, front diffuser and special seats. We honestly can’t find anything wrong with this design, well done. It looks good, it feels really good quality. It stands out but it perhaps misses a little craziness for that R-Design T6 version. The main competitors of this car are the BMW 3 series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class… We must admit that they aren’t the funniest cars ever made. In that area I would say that the Volvo S60 offers a good alternative. We love being different behind the wheel and we deplore the fact the the S60 R-Design only comes in 4 “colors” (black, white, red, grey), why not a nice electric blue, of metallic yellow/gold I mean any but boring choices.

I love sedan, they drive well and can do everything. The S60 is no exception. The handling is good and the power is nice too. The T6 is pretty much the same engine as in all the Volvo cars. In line 4, 2.0L, 320hp, turbocharged and supercharged, nice torque… cost saving as it’s best! To be honest it works better than in any other Volvo in my opinion. Once again, the center of gravity is lower than the SUVs and it’s slightly lighter (even if the Volvos are still incredibly heavy!).

ONE thing I have to mention is the noise of the engine. I will not call it sound because it is noise. You basically have two choices when it comes to engine sound. Either you dissimulate it either you work on it to make the engine sounds good. They didn’t choose the second option. Actually, they didn’t go for the first neither. It’s very quiet when you are cruising. No vibration, almost no sound, great. But when you accelerate…

I love sedan and this one is overall a very good one. I told you about my friend working at Volvo at the beginning of this article right? One thing we love to argue about is sedan or shooting break. I do think sedan are better cars. He loves shooting break and even think it looks cooler. I know I’m right, therefore we decided to confront them. The S60 vs its sister the V60. Same brand, same price point, same engine, I even think that the chassis is the same.

Volvo’s challenges!

Our 1st challenge is the style. Which one is the prettiest. As we were not able to agree on this we asked our community on Instagram. The result was extremely close BUT the S60 won with 52% of the vote. 1-0 for the sedan.

Vovlo S60 vs V60

Practicality comes second… on this point I must concede that a shooting break is more practical. You can put your dog in the boot, your skies, your bike, I mean pretty much everything you can think of. It is one point for the break. 1-1.

Driving experience… this one was a particularly though one. The car are almost completely the same. I would love to say that the S60 was better at this challenge just because it’s red and with a r-design trim but it was honestly even.

Equipment and the overall interior. The S60 had the R-Design trim and the V60 was an inscription. One again very close or identical. The equipment is exactly the same and very complete. 360 cameras, autonomous driving assistance, sensors everywhere, Bowers&Wilkins sound system. The two trims do present some difference but you can choose one or the other on both cars. Once again even.

We then realized that the only way we would stop arguing on which car is the best was to drive outside the city find a nice ice parking and make donuts. Traction control off and here we go. After a good 5 min sliding around in our Volvos, we came to the painful conclusion that the S60 and the V60 are pretty much the same car with a different body work. This realization was difficult to admit because Tim and I were wrong saying one is better than the other.

Time to choose a Volvo

Finally, when It comes to choosing between a S60 and a V60 it’s all a matter of taste. I would go for the S60 and Tim for the V60. What I can assure is that’s in our days it’s definitely a good choice. Buying a Volvo is not outdated anymore, instead it’s cool and it is a good way to drive different.

Vovlo S60 vs V60

#FunToDrive score: 74/100

With it’s 320hp the engine is alive at any rpm which make the car dynamic and lovely to drive. The negative point is definitely the sound of the engine, thanks to turbo and exhaust. Volvos engineers clearly didn’t work on it. The overall experience with the car is very good like with every other Volvo of the new generation. The little something comes from the fact that it’s a sedan and not an SUV which makes it different and way more cool to drive.


The classical dichotomy: Volvo S60 vs V60... Sedan or shooting break (not SUV)?!

  1. On repassera pour la noblesse du moteur hein… on regrette presque le PRV

  2. Ouais pas mal pas mal, mais qu’est ce que ça reste sage !! Un peu de folie svp

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