It is behind a Fiat steering wheel, for once, that we went to the Circuit de l’Ouest Parisien in Dreux. Wind in our hair, we crossed the state enjoying a bright sunny day in a Fiat 124 Spider straight to a scorpions’ nest.

Indeed on June 2nd, it was the French Abarth Day! An annual meeting dedicated to all Abarth owners and lovers; which we sure are! When we arrived, we faced the evil alter ego of the 124 : the Abarth 124 spider. With its black matte hood, large air intakes and 17 inches black rims, it is an impressive roadster. Even more surprising, the number of Abarth gathered on the parking lot ! All the Abarth generations were invited to celebrate and share Carlo Abarth’s masterpiece : making a racing car out of a regular one. This is the real spirit of fun to drive.

Time to hit the road! Abarthisti were there to enjoy a fun track day with the original 695 Esse Esse, the last 595 version (the Rivale that we test drived and enjoyed) or the Abarth 124 Spider. From an original vintage car to a modern wrapped ride, everybody was sharing tips and compliments on the pit lane. Lap after lap, all the little rockets took the lane which caused an incredible roaring meeting. Can you imagine, a Fiat Punto HGT Abarth chased by an Autobianchi Abarth A112 itself chasing a Fiat Abarth 850 TC Stradale. It was quite a mechanical food chain.

In all this beautiful muscular 595 exhaust hubbub, the RGT captured our attention. We already admired it during the presentation of the car at the beginning of the rally season, but never heard its shout. We met with Nicolas Ciamin (from Nice like us) driver with Abarth and Milano Racing for the French Rally Championship who showed us the interior of his race car. Literally. We spent three laps on a rally cross track! With his 124 coupe. The beast is powered by the 1.8L 4-straight 310ch engine from the Alfa Romeo 4C. It features a fully stripped down interior and rally update. The experience on board was just insane.

Still on adrenaline after the RGT, we discovered a special exhibition where some historical Fiat where displayed. What a pleasure to meet again a couple of Fiat X1/9 and this Bertone incredible design ! But the real surprise was an original Fiat-Abarth 124 Rally with its attractive giant fender flares and enormous long-range lights. That car won the European Rally Championship in 1973 and 1975. To end this beautiful tribute, Abarth made a lap of honor. The 2.1 km track was packed to the edge with Abarth cars. Do you imagine how many cars were there ? It was unbelievable.

Finally, we left with a big smille, aboard the regular 124, with a little frustration : the automatic gearbox. This great scorpion day overwhelmed us with an irresistible urge to try the Abarth 124 Spider (with a manual transmission). Keep it #FuntoDrive and take part of the next Abarth Day you too ! You got the complete calendar here, next stages Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy … !

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As close to a scorpions' nest : Abarth Day 2018

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