Giulia, Giulia, Giulia … Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio this name sounds like a sweet Italian song to our ears. Not Festival della canzone italiana di Sanremo, but rather the kind of concert that we eagerly listen to at every start.

Are you guys havin’ that symptom? You may have been infected with a virus… The highly contagious Alfa Romeo virus has slowly entered your whole body to gain control of your car desires. You are probably an Alfista that unwitting Alfista.

There is a good news and a bad news. The good thing is you’ll be able to sink into the four leaf clover fever again because Alfa Romeo is really back. The bad news is you’ll have to be very persuasive to call your daughter Giulia. Giulia Quadrifoglio. First and middle name.

Is the Alfa Romeo Giulia an awesome daily car and a good sport car?

Remember, last year we tried an Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce Q4. Veloce for fast. Q4 for four-wheel drive. So we discovered the new Giulia. We had appreciated the versatility of the car, its dynamic capabilities while being a great sedan. A discreet 4-cylinder sound that is angry in high RPM, we loved it. The 280 cv engine was really nice and the Q4 transmission was great to deal with the unleashing of elements: rain, hail and snow.

A little something extra: Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio

After this successful experience, we wanted more! And more at Alfa Romeo, we have not much choice: the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Externally it looks like a regular Giulia after an eye-lift. Maybe the white paint we got for both Giulia exacerbates this impression.

At first glance, it looks like the same car. When you look closer we wonder if it wasn’t lighter, simpler and more elegant in our memories. Here it looks wide, long and incredibly impressive, but you know it with all the photos and videos already released. It is adorned with a long skirt, sills, side vents, air extractors and a carbon spoiler sometimes clumsily integrated.

The side air intake is for example covered with a hard plastic honeycomb cover. You have to get very close to discover that it isn’t fake. The wheels are beautiful, the design is fluid, minimalist and takes the historical lines of Alfa Romeo. We love it. The door handles are ugly, let’s face it, they are big and disgraceful, they (almost) ruin the line.

Fortunately, we forget them quickly because we can’t stop staring at the beautiful badge with four leaves that shines and adorns the wheel arch. What a lucky day!

In Normal mode: intense frustration

When I left with the Alfa Romeo, the head of the workshop warned me: “race mode is really violent, I advise you to use it on track only.” My reaction was, “oh okay …” A mixture of surprise, disappointment and 39 degrees celsius of fever.

Yes, I got that car sick, feverish and it was poring rain. Probably the worst conditions. Gently, I started the car, I heard almost nothing. I drove back to Paris in N mode. Stuck in traffic and slowed down by the unsynchronized traffic lights, the Giulia QV is discreet. At the wheel I was very surprised to discover a car that makes very low noise, as little as the version 4 cylinders Veloce. Aboard it’s almost the same car except the Quadrifoglio badge on the speedometer. Obviously crooked, this is a real Alfa Romeo. I feel it heavier than his little sister. Then I asked to myself “where are the 510 cv that everyone is talking about”.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Dynamic mode in the city: thrills

After a good night’s sleep, the excitement came back. We are testing the most powerful series Alfa Romeo ever produced. We didn’t count on narrow parking that all Parisians are lucky to have. Practical Road Rug Cars advice for those who would like to buy a Giulia QV: in a parking that you don’t know, put your mirrors down to the rear wheels. Why? Because if the car is already wide at the rear the rims exceed the body a few centimeters more. As you can imagine, it can meet easily the tight angles more than you want.

After some maneuvers and some sweats, we are finally out!

We decided to directly engage Dynamic mode to be reconciled with this Diva. Surprise, no concert in that mode neither! It’s a disappointment again. We left Paris and we found the car slightly more dynamic and biting than in Normal mode. It is difficult, in urban areas, to go beyond 2500 rpm, that trigger the powerful blast of the turbo.In higher RPMs It makes finally some noise, and sometimes it lost some grip on the wet road. The sound and character that we are beginning to perceive bring us back aboard the Alfa Romeo 4C, it’s getting better and better.

In Dynamic mode on small country roads: the revelation

When we finally unleashed the beast, it begins to reveal itself. In turn, we discover his fiery temperament. It can go from nice sheep to bad wolf in a fraction of a second. An excellent quality but also a beautiful drawback. That’s what happen when we push the throttle all the way down: 1, 2, vroummmmmmmmmmm! This lag between the automatic gearbox, the engine and the turbo is quite frustrating.

When I accelerate, I want it to accelerate right now, not just in a few seconds. In paddle shift mode this is not really the same, thanks god. The car is playful, stable and safe. We feel a well-design chassis that was make for the track. You look at the end of the curve and the car goes there by itself taking up speed. A little too optimistic? The rear calls you to order nicely and that’s very funny. You feel it in your swigging neck. Suspensions is good, a certain firmness far from being unpleasant to swallow turns even faster. And faster we go, the more we hear the V6 Turbo sound. Lovely.

Let the party begin : Alfa Romeo Giulia QV’s Race mode

Sunday is family reunions day, so we decided to invite two parents of the Giulia Quadrifoglio for a little escapade: an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale and an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint. Face to his allies, we immediately notice a family look, except that the car is as Americanized. It grew up and lost its elegance… like a caricature of itself compared to the two old divas. But hey, that’s fashionable, we still like it, like the lastest Mariah Carey album.

For the occasion, we chose to do what was forbidden. Because we are villains, we switched to Race mode (yolo). When you activate this special mode, the car is transfigured. Really. On the road, with its ancestors, the Giulia QV is a real rocket. Livelier, more snarling, wilder, after a few hundred meters we wonder why we didn’t try it earlier. It quicker, more responsive, it’s so difficult to know where are its limits, probably in the strength of your neck slammed on the seat. The sound is completely released, the suspensions and steering are hard as we like and it’s a festival of drifting in tight turns. Pure happiness! I want to clarify that we had a dry road and new tires, so the best possible grip on this car.

The Alfa 90° V6 2.9L biturbo engine is pleasant. However, we regret Ghibli S Q4 60° V6 3.0 L twin-turbo’s insane melody at every rpm and modes. Here, you get into a Giulia QV every morning, you press the brake then Start, a quiet, sad and muffled sound come out of the exhaust. The same with the Maserati Ghibli S Q4 and roooooar, you have a big smile all day long. Why not have proposed the exhaust valves opening to all the Giulia driving modes? Why reserve such a cavernous and shivering sound to the race mode? If we have our children (who do not exist yet) in the car, under the rain, we do not have the right to make them enjoy the concert?

In fact, this Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is one of the few sports sedans that you have to tame to reveal its full potential. So yes, you can put the Race mode, stick your foot to the floor and wait for a turn, but like a good bottle of wine that you don’t drink at once, you have to take your time. At first we open it, we smell it, we make it a little spin and then we taste. The first sip has a bitter taste but the second is great and the third is delicious. However, there is a risk: finish the bottle.

The only barrier is the price, the price of gasoline that evaporates magically. “You play you pay” has never made so much sense.

#FunToDrive score :  90/100

It’s definitely a fun car, however there is only two useful modes : Normal mode to avoid buying a gas station and Race mode to have a lot of fun. Any others modes are totally useless because quiet, gas guzzling, assisted, therefore frustrating. (Yes yes, perhaps All weather mode too if you have unbelievably bad weather condition). But considering the main modes, this car is uncompromising and we appreciate it. If you are a kinesiologist in charge to drop off kids at school in time, that’s the perfect car for you. You will be the fastest and coolest dad ever, and your kids will have the most muscular neck of the playground.

#MakeDailyCarCoolAgain and Keep it #FunToDrive.


Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio : when a daily car goes wild

  1. The 90 degree V6 bi-turbo of the Alfa is not the same as the 60 degree V6 used in Maseratis. Allowing the Alfa’s exhaust valves to fully open in Normal or Dynamic modes would certainly be a positive move.

  2. Pour moi, c’est une voiture réellement exceptionnelle. J’ai eu l’occasion d’en essayer une l’année dernière et j’ai été bluffé sur tous les plans. Je vous trouve un peu dur sur certains poins, par contre je suis totalement d’accord en ce qui concerne les modes de conduites trop lissés et silencieux. Autrement j’ai passé un moment inoubliable au volant de cette voiture “tout terrain”. Merci les gars pour votre essai et votre analyse

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