Les 100 GT, more than 40 years of motoring passion.

David Toledano: I don’t know about you but my typical Friday is usually boring as hell, even worse, the clock is torturing me till the end of the day, when the week-end finally begins. But, let me tell you about last Friday.

Thanks to our media, we are often invited to events: sometimes to road test the brand new and well marketed very bad SUV, sometimes to have a lot more fun. This time was a fun one : we were invited to an event called “the 100GT”.

I asked around to many friends, some had heard about it, but no one was able to tell me what it was exactly, really mysterious.

An Alfa Romeo Giulia SS and (almost) a Porsche 912 for Les 100 GT

Felix Godard: Have you ever had the feeling your day is going to be luckless? That’s what I felt when I saw this massive lorry blocking the exit of my garage, impeaching me to take my drive of the day, a Porsche 912.

B plan was to come in David’s car, an Alfa Rome Giulia SS. SS stands for “Sprint Speciale”, a bodywork designed by Franco Scaglione, who used to work for Bertone. This is a very desirable car, but not enough to accept to spend two hours with David. Especially because he tends to be annoying since he beat me at race simulator last Monday.

So, I made the trip in a horrible gasoil car, looking quite exotic on the parking of Folembray racetrack, a little circuit literally located in the wood besides a small french village, where was organized the 100 GT event.

Meanwhile with David: Felix and I, we were supposed to meet at the Folembray track at 10:30AM, of course I was there by 11 sharp, with my Alfa Romeo Giulia SS. He was waiting for me next to his Clio 3 diesel coupe. Priceless.

Classic and modern cars gathered

Felix: We have been warmly welcomed by Edouard and Pierre, the two organizers who knew how to speak to us: « well guys, have a go on the asphalt ». We talked with few more people: some were in family, others between friends, young or older, all with the same passion of motoring. We have to say it had a taste of english car meetings, something that you don’t easily find in France, except on events such as Journées d’Automne.

The complete parallel between Les 100 GT and Journées d’Automne is however not possible, the latter being more refined, with an impressive selection of car and a taste for small details. Les100 GT is playing another game: they assume the mix between modern and classic cars, and a more informal organisation. It nevertheless doesn’t deter people to come with some amazing bolides: Lamborghini Countach Quattrovolve and Miuria, De Tomaso Pantera, AC Ace, Dino 246 GT… wow wow wow!

David: We arrived to a very nice welcome with about 15 cars, half were 911s of course, but since the track was a bit damp, no 911 driver was crazy enough to go have a drive. So we went directly on the track with Felix, and started a very fun session.

The car was behaving well, and even at 100 km/h + in the chicane, going out of it sideways was completely safe and fun. Unfortunately for you guys, Felix’s gopro immediately died (which wasn’t the worst part of his day) and we we weren’t able to record anything on the track.

Switching and lying

David: Then I let Felix have a drive, no way I was going with him in the car (you will understand why very soon), so I offered our friend Benjamin to take the passenger seat. He came back saying Felix was a fairly good driver.

Just next, I meet a very young gentleman (5-6 years old) asking if I can take him for a ride. I said his mom needed to give me permission because my car has no seat belts. She was worried, but I said I would go slow. Of course I would not.

I was happy he said “I went in two other cars today, you went faster than both, but I will tell my mom you went slower, don’t worry!”.

Les 100 GT, Felix and his Porsche 911 SC experience

David: So we went back to the stand, and met a very nice gentleman that showed interest in my car. Felix happened to be driving a maroon 911 SC 3.0, you know what I think??

Anyway, he said he wasn’t the best driver when he comes to the track, and Felix told him that he has experience around tracks. What he didn’t tell him is that last time he ran with his vintage Formula Ford, it ended up climbing another Formula Ford.

So Felix offers to have a ride in the passenger seat to try and coach him thourgh Folembray. I then left for the gas station.

15 minutes later, coming back at the track and while eating my horrible triangle sandwich, I saw a dark 911 blocking the rear wheels at the end of the straight and ending up turning 180°, ending up very close to the wall. Thinking Felix was maybe onboard, I ran to the car to take pictures of the shamefull event.

porsche 911 100 gt 100gt road rug cars roadrugcars brothers car voiture auto automobile car vintage super car hyper car

In the end it slightly touched the wall, and it was Felix driving, and unfortunately he was safe. I will let him tell his story.

Meanwhile with Felix: You wonder why I spoke about misfortune? Wait a second: I discussed with a Porsche 911 SC owner. He took me as passenger and then he gave me the steering wheel. After a sitting lap, I started to be a little harder on the pedals. And here came the catastrophe: on the straight line, braking reasonably, the car made a violent movement, caused by brake imbalance (pistons jammed because of hot temperature, I guess), and went out of the track.

Coming out of the Porsche a bit upset, I relativized: you can’t be sure to find cars in ready-to-track conditions, as most of the participants are gentlemen drivers… And gentlemen drivers are all what you want to meet in this kind of event.

First time onboard an ugly BMW E36

David: Since Felix was having a bad day, I was wondering how I could make it even worse. So I offered a ride to our friend Benjamin, and went for it 100%. I then told him to tell Felix I was a better driver. Which he did. Felix was now having a very bad day.

Anyway, as the day continued, I met two young gentlemen: Malo and Elio (this is not a joke), asking for a ride. I said yes. They enjoyed it a lot. So Malo offered to have a ride in his ugly M3 E36, and I said I never went in a BMW (for obvious reasons), so he let me drive.

Turns out I was blown away by the car, the I6 sounded absolutely delicious at 7,000RPM, the steering was very accurate, the brakes were good, the grip was immense, the front end was impressive, and the car wouldn’t go sideways ever on a dry track. I went out of the car, and it was still ugly. Felix found it funny that I drove a BMW.

Felix : I don’t trust David talking about modern cars. He only drives classics, so any modern car can look amazing to him provided it has brakes and at least 150 HP… even my clio 3 would impressed him.

Les 100 GT 2019: a great event (if you’re not Felix Godard)

Felix: To continue with my misfortune, while I was taking the last few shots of a superb Hotchkiss 864 Artois engaged for the Tour Auto 2019, driven by a young couple with a Chiwawa on the back. I didn’t realise that someone had taken my racing helmet that I left on a bench…

Believing it was forgotten, she had the nice intention to bring it to the diner rendez-vous, where… I didn’t plan to go ! (David and I not doing the Rallye on the day after). It offered us the opportunity to rediscover the Chateau D’Ermenonville, a superb castle converted into an Hotel, with all the cars parked in the garden.

What a nice last image for an event we recommend. Despite luck wasn’t with me this day, I had a really good moment. Thanks guys!!

David: At 5:30PM, the track was closing, everyone was leaving for the Chateau d’Ermenonville (the one that’s in the visitor’s movie). We were supposed to go home, but guess what: Felix had lost his very expensive FIA approved helmet. I was really enjoying that day. Unfortunately, I knew where the helmet went and told him. He ended up finding his helmet, such a shame.

To sum it up, Les 100 GT is a very enjoyable event (at least on the track day part), where people from 18 to 78 can come with their classic or modern sports car and have fun. People were here to talk to each other and make new friends, it is a very relaxed event with a lot of freedom and no pracing horse bragging. Go if you are invited, it’s worth your time.


How to spend a very good day with les 100 GT

  1. La M3 E36 est fantastique, mon oncle en avait une quand j’étais petit

  2. Ugly BMW E36?? I used to have one and that’s not true.
    In fact, this is a one-week rotation : pretty – ugly – pretty – ugly

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