From 1948 to 2018, enough time elapsed to become a respectable but aging grand-dad. Luckily enough Porsche did not follow this path and is now stronger than ever in 2018 with 246,375 delivery made in 2017. A record. 70th anniversary and a sale record, let’s agree that we have plenty of things to celebrate this year (and we are not even talking about the return of manual gear box which is even more magnificent).

To officially open car season after a freezy winter, Porsche Rive-Sud outside Montreal organized its first Porsche&Coffee. Let’s be honest for a second. A Cars&Coffee is exciting : nice cars, good coffee, plenty of car lovers. But a Porsche & Coffee is even better, especially with such an incredible line-up. Yes, this place is not your average car dealership… For the occasion the newly opened showroom featured a Carrera GT, along with its little sister the 918 spider and a desirable 911R all of them with the same production number, not bad.

Outside, almost all of the recent production models respond present to the event and some rare beauties made a notable appearance. The 2.7RS, the 993 Turbo and a very rare Whingho W3 Triposto. Well done Porsche Rive-Sud. And keep it #FuntoDrive


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Starting the season the right way ... with a Porsche&Coffee !

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