When we imagined Road Rug Cars, we wanted to rethink automotive journalism. Rocked by the bland weekly TV shows and filled with 35 minutes YouTube videos, the offer did not match with our today’s expectations.

An ode to driving pleasure

Who always has the courage to watch a complet show on a sunday morning ? Who wants to read a press release conscientiously recited ? Who wants to know the whole life of a rich kid in a youtube review ? and who wants to know the exact capacity of two different new family vans ? We do not.

We want less text, more pictures, less blabla and more experiences.

From the beginning of automotive, we dealt with cleverness, design and sportiness. Nowadays the law is more repressive, regular car production is boring (in general) and environmental awareness drives the innovation : future of car as we used to love it, is uncertain. So we got back to the basics : beautiful, well-made and fun-to-drive. All the reasons that we loved cars for such a long time, we focused on them to create an ode to driving pleasure.

That is why, we wanted to produce fresh, authentic and immersive content matching with the way we appreciate classic and modern cars. Besides, we seek an easy to use, quick and qualitative way to share car’s experiences according to the modern way of life. So, we decided to cover events with daily photos, stories and lives on Instagram. Also, we test drived, reviewed and interviewed via catchy short videos on Youtube and articles on our website. Launched in May 2017 by Nico and Franck Galiffi, Road Rug Cars is an online media dedicated to cars, timepieces and well-made products. Here is our story.

If you would like to learn more, submit content, or join our team, you can contact us here, and to support our work you can do it on Patreon. And keep it #FuntoDrive.