“Un air de liberté” or something like “freedom of driving”, that is the motto of the association Valve. For the first time, Le Vendome rally took place from la Place Vendome in Paris to the city of Vendome in Loir-et-Cher. With forty-one cars, the ride gathered all the four-wheels petrolheads.

We spent the first two days on four that counts the rally and it was fantastic. All started in Paris on the prestigious Place Vendome where all the cars and their crew members were expected. Progressively, the square was packed of cars and people welcomed by the Rochambeau’s army. Indeed, the Porsche 356, Rochet Scheider 1919, Ferrari Testarossa, Citroen Traction, Ford A 1930, Jaguar E-Type, Alpine A110, Porsche 911, Peugeot 403 or a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow had attracted passersby. Between the hundreds and hundreds of photographs taken during the afternoon, the seniors shared memories next to the car they used to drive and the kids run over the rides they used to push on their play set. This friendliness is the spirit of Valve and we like it.

When the sun slept behind clouds, it is time to let the cars out. I boarded a pretty Citroen Traction, a true French legend, for a funny sunset ride through Paris full of anecdots. The owners came from Mont-de-Marsan !! 700 kilometers in the south, to participate with their like new Traction. And the car loved that ! When we arrived, we discovered cars’ heaven. We don’t even know if we can speak about it, a private parking dedicated to classic and sports cars. Here we were surrounded by 60’s Mercedes, 50’s Porsche, 80’s Ferrari, 60’s Jaguar … and some racing monsters as an Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI DTM, Jaguar XKSS or Lola T70 ! What a perfect place to have a dinner full of French specialities.

The very next-day, the rally was really starting. We have boarded an amazing Ford A for the day for a real time travel through the french countryside and history. Along the route, we had to solve riddles about Vendome the square, the city and the Duc : an exciting project ! The ride was pretty pleasant, especially when the roof is open. Enjoying the first spring sunshines, we crossed les Champs-Elysées, le Domaine de Saint Cloud, Versailles and la Vallée de Chevreuse with a car which had already 60 years old when I born !

For lunch break, we stopped in a Michelin-starred restaurant : La Table des Blot. This then gives you an overview of the rally atmosphere : good mood, good wine, good food and great cars. Opposite to a 17th century stunning castle, the cars were fully aligned just wainting for us. But not for us, the rally is over for us and a splendid Porsche 356 B roadster brought me back. The rest of the teams cruised to Vendôme and the Loire region throughout the week-end. What a chance !

Our full experience is on Instagram top story “Vendome Rally“.
Do not miss the next Valve event will be the International Ford T Meeting on 22-23-24 June 2018.

And keep it #FuntoDrive.


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From Place Vendome to the city of Vendome

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