Everybody knows that old fashioned engine are not really eco friendly. But who really cares …
The automakers does, because they have to decrease their carbon impact. First to match with the political opinion, second to reduce the global warming, third to improve health and forth to be trendy. So they are working on hybrid cars and electric rides but not only.
Global Bioenergies, an independant corporation, is making a new and cleaner gasoline. They managed to put 34% of renewable gasoline in your classic gas. The biofuel is produced from beet molasses, residual wood, straw and can be use in any gasoline-powered ! We were at the world premier test on a real car and everything was going well ! Good news for your health, for environment and for classic cars.


Gasoline is back in town ⛽🌽🔥 Today, Global Bioenergies tested for the first time its renewable gasoline 🌱 This regular @audi A4 2.0 TFSI had been successfully drove around the Montlhéry speed ring using over 34% renewable gasoline. A world premiere 🙌🏻 ! G-612 is produced for compliance with the EN228 norm : in other words, it could be use in any gasoline-powered car even the classic ones … 😎 Global Bioenergies developed an unique process to produce its biofuel from beet molasses, residual wood, straw. 🌾🍠 That’s a very good news for environment, petrol-engined cars and especially vintage ones ! No longer any reason to ban them from city center, to modify how they work and to change their driving experience ! Global Bioenergies is seeking to reduced carbon footprint and improved air quality. Next step, road testing with regular vehicles, expected in gas-station in 2021 ! More about it in stories

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Gasoline is dead, long live the gasoline !

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