Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Facom invited us to our very first MotoGP, 2018 French MotoGP at Le Mans ! We are familiar with F1 Grand prix because as kids we used to enjoy Monaco race but we never seen a moto race in real life. Even if motorcycle is not our speciality, the opportunity was too exciting to refuse. So, we have gone to the Bugatti circuit for an amazing day with two wheels race cars : motorbikes !

First, we appreciated the atmosphere. We have to admit that the ambiance was on fire ! Moto tifosi are completely insane (in a good meaning), from 9am to early morning during the whole weekend, they were overexcited. Bikes engine breathed fire on parking and bike drivers breathed cheering in the grandstand. The enthralled audience was relaxed, passionate and friendly much more than regular Formula One supporters (sorry guys).

Facom, the famous french industrial tool brand, invited us to the VIP Village and that privilege was really cool. We were settled on a sunny deck, in the middle of the track with a 180° vision on the circuit. How could we be better ?
So we have seen testing races all day long with the moto sound in stereo.

We started the day with the paddock visit. Bikes in front of the box stop, exhaust open air and grid girls everywhere into the crowd.

What is the most impressive ? The speed. Facom gave us the opportunity to go aboard a car which rode between the grandstand and the track. It was insane because motorbikes were only a few meters from us ! And I can tell you, they are fast, very fast. So fast that taking photo was more difficult than ever. Especially when they were in the straight line. On TV, you probably know they bent on the bike so close to the ground that they touch it with the knee. Truly, it is just the rules of the dark magic.

Finally we have met the driver who won the pole position for the race : Johann Zarco. Yes it is true, and he is very cool and friendly. Many thanks Facom for this awesome meeting.

On this very special occasion, Facom launched its Facommunaute. A community website dedicated to the petrolheads where you will share your motoring passion. The company created an unique loyalty program with which you can win exclusive products. Join us, Johann Zarco, Sarah Lezito and Guerlain Chicherit on the Facommunaute and try to win a stunning 1967 Mustang Fastback fully restored right now !

When we went back to Paris aboard our car, someone from the crowd shouted “Car time next month” : the appointment is made.

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And keep it #FuntoDrive.


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Our first MotoGP ever with the Facommunaute

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